We are committed to using cutting-edge technology for a better educational future.


The management team has years of experience in education innovation, technological development and digital marketing.

Founder & Chairman

Uwe R. Feuersenger

Uwe Feuersenger brings more than 30 years of experience as a manager and entrepreneur. As a pioneer in the global online trade with digital content, his roots lie in the technology sector. He later founded and managed one of the leading family offices in Europe, where he oversaw over 50 investments.

His passion for education led him to acquire Obersee Bilingual School (OBS), one of Switzerland’s leading private schools, which he has since presided over as CEO. Uwe Feuersenger is also the founder and supporter of the DIGISCOVERY Digital Learning Foundation, which funds research projects and initiatives that advance the future of digital learning.

Chief Executive Officer

Cornelia Möhrlen

Cornelia Möhrlen holds a degree in industrial engineering and studied at the Stuttgart Media University.

She brings +25 years of leadership experience in various industries with focus on Finance. Cornelia Möhrlen then moved to the education industry. Among others, she managed Obersee Bilingual School, Wollerau, Switzerland and the German business of AcadeMedia and subsequently the Babilou Family Group.

Cornelia Möhrlen joined the management team of Bold Brains in April 2022.

Chief Technology Officer

Johannes Blatz

Johannes Blatz studied medical informatics at the University of Heidelberg. He started his development career at Heidelberg Engineering, where he was responsible for several years for NASA’s Human Research Program, among other things, which is now used on the ISS.

Johannes Blatz then led the 50-strong development team at Chinese medical technology entrepreneur ZEHNIT in Shanghai, where he took a product portfolio of AI-based remote medical diagnostics to market maturity. He then joined Bold Brains as CTO. He then joined Bold Brains as CTO.

Chief Marketing Officer

Leonard Sommer

Leonard Sommer is author of the book “Classroom Thinktank – How To Foster Creativity in 21st-Century Education” . He holds an Executive MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Leonard Sommer’s professional career began more than 25 years ago as an entrepreneur in the creative industry on the agency side. He founded the creative agency Sommer+Sommer. As founder and Managing Partner at XQ Digital, Leonard Sommer gained consulting experience in the field of digital transformation consulting. Before joining Bold Brains as CMO, he was at marketing software company Uptempo, where he led the EMEA sales team. Leonard Sommer supports the GenZ consulting agency PlayTheHype as Executive Advisor.