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While on a business trip, my daughter and I were staying at a relative’s house, when she slipped and fell from the staircase, landing with a hard thud…


Why I love SYMBY!

SYMBY is almost here, and I’m thrilled! We all know that technology is having a large-scale impact on our world – our cultures, politics, relationships, jobs, etc. And the current zeitgeist seems, no matter where one lands on individual…


In A Complex World, The Future Needs BOLD BRAINS

What The Covid-19 Pandemic and Complex Global Challenges Should Teach Us 2020 was a challenging year. And a particularly tragic one as well. And yet, we are compelled to make something out of it, to see what we can learn for the future – because, like it or not, we live in a rapidly changing […]

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I’ve nominated myself to review family-friendly content that, if not educational, at least won’t turn your kids’ brains into oozing puddles of goop. The only problem with starting the movie review series with this one is that it is just so darn good! The story is classic: Katie Mitchell is about to start college (where she’s going to study film), and her dad, Rick, is having trouble not only letting go, but relating to his maturing daughter. Katie’s got a younger brother and a very sweet, quirky mother – but it’s the Katie and Rick relationship that’s the beating heart of the movie.